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Get to know Megan

2018 Megan and Julio Family-44_edited_ed
Children's stories that inspire and delight!

Megan Morales is a horse-obsessed children’s author with dreams of sipping her morning cup of coffee in the company of clomping hooves and soft muzzles. While you won’t find her mucking out stalls any time soon, Megan proudly embraces the juggle of suburban mom life, lingering in quiet moments to dream up new storylines.

Author of the charming and relatable children's book, The Talented Pretzel, Megan has a passion for writing engaging stories that entertain and inspire young readers. Her writing style is direct and captivating, bringing characters to life on the page.


Committed to promoting literacy and a love of reading among children, Megan visits schools, libraries, and book festivals to share her stories with young readers. She is an active member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. 

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