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    First Place Winner: The BookFest Awards

This inspirational story sparks conversations about self-confidence and self-worth. Supports emotional growth and self-empowerment.


Charming, original characters teach compassion and empathy towards others, while diversity and uniqueness are celebrated through and acts of kindness and friendship.

The-BookFest-First-Place-Book-Award (1).png

Pretzel Peyton is an ordinary pretzel stick with dreams of being extraordinary. Worried she has nothing to contribute to the upcoming class talent show, some encouraging words from her friend, Popcorn Pablo, send her on a journey of self-discovery to find her special talent. But Peyton’s plans are suddenly diverted when she encounters several snack-food friends in need of help.

Does an ordinary pretzel stick have what it takes to save the day? Will Peyton ever discover her special talent?

See how simple acts of kindness and compassion for others ignite Peyton’s sense of self-worth and help to uncover her true talents. With playful and relatable characters like Fruit Snack Frankie, the Cotton Candy twins, and Seaweed Samira, The Talented Pretzel has a treat for every taste bud!

Supports social-emotional learning (SEL) competencies of:

  • Social awareness and tolerance

  • Relationship skills and empathy

  • Emotional growth and self-empowerment

“My students loved this book! It has a positive message about kindness, friendship, and empathy....This book will definitely be a favorite in my classroom library!"

Angela D., Elementary School Teacher

"The Talented Pretzel is a great selection for youngsters who may need their self-esteem boosted."

Readers' Favorite

“What a sweet and interesting book for kids! ... even sophisticated second graders thoroughly enjoy the story and they can easily read it themselves.”

H.M., Second Grade Teacher

Megan Morales

Imaginative stories that inspire and delight!

I'm excited to announce that my award-winning picture book, The Talented Pretzel, is available now! Children (and grown ups) can easily relate to Pretzel Peyton's struggle with self-confidence in this engaging story of self-discovery. Beautiful illustrations, playful characters, and underlying messages of empathy and friendship, make The Talented Pretzel a perfect read for the classroom, library or at at home.



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